What to do when you completely blow it with a client

maxmars Graphic Design, S Creative Studios


We all make mistake in our day to day work as a freelance creative business owner.  If you own a creative business or other types of business for that matter you make mistake we all do, that’s a fact.  The question is what are you going to do about it. Here is a 3 steps resume we follow when we blow it with a client.

Own up to it

Ok so you’ve made a mistake and your client is furious about it.  Now you can either crawl into a corner and weep or you can be a man or women and own up to your clients by admitting your mistake.  I know it sucks but that’s you best solution to turn this negative into a [positive. I know it’s tempting to blame a subcontractor your employe or anybody else for that matter.  But don’t. Take a deep breath and own up to your mistake, your customer will be greatfull and will appreciate your honesty.


You did not mean for this mistake to happen,  you regret your mistake and you will take action for that kind of mistake never to happen again.  By owning up to your mistake you will put yourself into a more vulnerable position in front of your clients and he will be more inclined to forgiving you.  Don’t worry though 99% of your clients will forgive you and move on to the next projects.

Make it right

Lastly you need repentance in front of your client.  So what are you going to do to make it right for your client.  Be transparent let the client know what you did wrong, if he does not already know, and apologize and do something to make it right.  Give the customer a free consulting on a project or reimburse part of the money they spent on your service or arrange for them to get a discount on the project.  All these avenue a good and most probably will make your clients happy.


Mistakes are human…

Don’t worry, error is human.  By following the simple step outlined in this article  you will ensure that your clients is willing to forgive you and reward your honesty with more business in the future.  You will, for sure make more mistake in the future but by owning up to your mistake you will ensure that you clients respect you and your business because of your honesty and willingness to be frank with them.