Tips and mistake to avoid when designing   a great logo.

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The perfect logo design process does not exist however great logo can be achieve through a great design process that works.  The knowledge behind a great logo design process can differentiate great logos from the average ones.


Memorable logos are everything to a business

Memorable logo will make the marketing of your company much easier.  Memorable logos communicate the whole brand in no time. Great logos make a statement about your company to your target audience.  It conveys the brands message.


Simple logos are the key to success

Simple logos are everything to a brand’s message.  WHAT DO EXCEPTIONAL logos all have in common? The nike “swoosh”, the “bitten apple” of the apple logo and the “M” of McDonald’s.  They are very simple. Simplicity rules here yet they are memorable.


“The only mandate in logo design is that they be distinctive,
memorable and clear.”

-Paul Rand


A great logo is simple but not simplistic,  it is original and memorable at the same time.  It is not over exaggerated and over board. It is simple yet functional.  It just works.

Great logs are timeless

5 Rules followed by logo designers


  1. Star with black and white

In the early stage of design you should keep it simple and thus in black and white to get a good grasp of the representation of the symbol you are developing.  More importantly colors can draw the attention of the audience away from the core message of the logo. Most of the recognizable logo start out in a black and white sketch.


  1. Use three colors at most

You should always keep the colors of a logo to two or three maximum.  Don’t try to break this rule, it is not a good idea. Very memorable logos are very distinct in their colors and usually keep it at the minimum when it comes to colors.


  1. Use one or two fonts

When designing a logo use one or two fonts maximum.


  1. Practicality is better the originality

Your logo wants to be easily remembered.  Remember a great logo can be described in one sentence.  If you cannot describe a logo in one sentence something is not working.


A good logo should be easy to describe on the phone.

Something that wants to be remembered has to be simple.  Show your logo to someone and ten minutes later ask them to draw the logo from memory. Below you can see a case study of 1500 people attempting to draw logos from memory. It’s difficult!  Always choose practicality over originality.  If you can have both it’s better.


  1. Avoid unnecessary details

Remove anything that is unnecessary to your artwork. Great logos are the ones that you cannot add or remove anything or the magic will be lost.  Don’t lose or break the magic.


3 Major characteristic of lack of professionalism

  1. Files full of defects

Your logo files delivered by your artist should be free of defects,  Your logo should come in a variety of files formats and perfectly made.  Free of imperfections. That is the sign of a professional logo designer.


  1. Monograms
  2. Shortening the name
  3. Vector is the way to go