How to launch online and succeed every time

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When it comes to launching a new services or website online you have to get it right the first time.  You have one chance to succeed so don’t blow it! Here is a guide to help you launch a new project online and guarantee its success.  We have made this 3 topics document of the best ways to launch. Let’s get to it!


1.Relationship  building

The first step is to build relationship with key influencers in your space.  Find where the key influencers are in your space and get in touch with them. You are likely to find the key influencers in your space sharing their advice online in areas like a blog, facebook, twitter etc…  Focus on building strong relationships with these people. It is key for you to get these people aware of your project. \there are great tools that you can use to track down and find key influencers in your space.  Try these to get started.


  • Grouphigh. Grouphigh is a tool for identifying influential bloggers that cover particular topics. It allows you to search through more than 13 million active blogs to find relevant bloggers in your space.
  • Bitly. You can use Bitly to find out who’s sharing your content. By copying your existing content into the link shortener, you can find out which people sharing your content are generating the highest engagement.
  • Twtrland. Twtrland helps you find influencers on particular topics. You can search for a skill, topic or location.
  • Little Bird. Little Bird also allows you to search by topic. It allows you to keep up-to-date with what particular influencers are saying.
  • Facade – A search engine to find influencers.

Another low tech but very useful way to succeed in this critical step is to use a spreadsheet and keep track of the things like their name, company, blog, URL, social media links, and notes to keep track of your conversations.


Google Docs makes it really easy, and you can even share the document with important people involved in your launch.

2.Create Buzz

You have built relationship, Great!  Now how do you leverage these relationship to create Buzz? Canva CEO Melanie Perkins has written about this concept and how it applies to raising money for your company.  The same idea can be used to get media coverage. Marketing expert Ryan Holiday, former Director of marketing for America Apparel and author of The Art of Media Manipulation suggests building up to a big news outlet like the New York Times or CNN, by trying to get coverage in smaller blogs and publications first. He calls it “trading up the chain”.


The reason why, most of the time it works! We all want to know what others think before we make the move so we value what other think.  In fact a study found that 89% of journalist use blogs to research their stories. Generating buzz is likes starting a fire you need the right ingredient for it to work. Are you launching a new company?  Get a few people to write a testimonials on your website. Ask your followers to share your links on twitter and facebook and other well known social media. Once you’ve got a few visible supporters it becomes easier to get the attention of other people. Hopefully soon, you’ll be able to get them to also endorse you.


3.Line up the duck

“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.”

– Leonard Bernstein


Organisation is key here.  Get ready before you launch.  Make a list of topic you need ready before you start. Get ready to sprint to the finish line.


  • Key Messages. The best brands are consistent with their messaging. You know what they stand for and who they are. Pick 3-4 key messages for any launch. These should immediately convey the substance of any announcement.
  • Contacts. We’ve talked about building relationships. This is where you capture your list of top influencers to reach out to.
  • Collateral. Every different launch requires different collateral. Whether it’s a media release, sample products or a video, make sure you’ve got everything organised ahead of time.
  • Product. Your product is the most important part of the equation. As Guy Kawasaki says, a good product should inspire enchantment. That means it’s deep, indulgent, complete, elegant and emotive.
  • Schedule. T is for timing. There’s a reason people say “timing is everything”. Make sure you allow enough time to get everything organised.


Having great visuals will make your life much easier at spreading the words.  A simple way to have success in this area is to create a press kit for your projects.   This can be a simple folder in your Dropbox or Google Drive with everything that someone might need to know about your organisation. You can upload your business plan, a media release, photos, logos and videos here. It makes it a lot easier to share all the relevant collateral with other people who want to write about your launch.


Launching a new projects is full of promise and potential.  You have worked so hard to get to this point. So doing the hard work by preparing your launch strategy will make things go much smoother. Go for it!