How to choose the best designer for the job

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With such a wide variety of choice when it comes to graphic design services  you have to be very carefull when it comes to choosing your designer. This article will give you some tools you should consider when choosing a graphic designer or a graphic design firm. So here it goes:


  1. Experience

The experience of a designer plays a big role when it come to design.  When choosing a designer you should always consider experience. Usually the more experience a designer has the more they got an eye for good designs.  It does not guarantee success you should consider other factor but experience is a good start .


  1. A great  design process with proven results

Does your designer or design firm has and follow a design process?  Good design takes time thats a fact and you need to deal with it. Think of how long your logo or design will be in use.  Think also the values it brings to your company or organisation. Good and great design will always have a greater impact on your target audiences and that’s a fact.


  1. Awards won / published work

Although not a necessity it is a good start.  Awarded designer are a good barometer of the quality of work a designer will deliver for your project.  You should always consider awarded designers.


  1. Quality Portfolio

This is the most important criterias you should consider when choosing a designer or design firm.  When assessing the portfolio you should consider multiple criteria. Is the portfolio of the designer or design firm well presented.  Do you see certain design that aligns with the style you wish your design to look like or the style you wish your project to align with.


  1. Competitive Price

This is the most frequently asked questions and the hardest one to answer.  This is my take on it, basically you get what you pay for. A great designers or a great design firm will charge a fee aligned with the quality of work they will provide you.  So you should expect to pay a premium price for an award winning designer or design firm. Like i said you get for what you pay for. If you are only willing to pay a small fee don’t expect to get a award winning logo designer or firm to work on you project. Good design takes time and you should expect to pay for quality if that is what you are looking to get with your design. Also take into consideration that a great logo design is the first point of contact your potential customer will have with your brand, you have one time to make a good impression.


  1. Design affiliation

Are they associated with any design association.  For example when we hire designers here at KR8TOR STUDIOS GRAPHIC DESIGN DIVISIONS we require our new employee to be part of a graphic design association.  Here in quebec the association for graphic designers is the SDGQ(Société des Designers Graphique du Québec).


  1. Great customer services

Great customer service is a must.  You are better off paying a little more but get a company or designer that provide a great customer service. You don’t want your designer to disappear once he or she has delivered your project.  Here are a few tips to take into consideration when evaluating your designer or design firm.


  1. To they reply quickly to your email.  
  2. How to they communicate with you.  
  3. How to they present themselves..


A great designer or design firm should always provide great customer service from beginning to end and continue right thru for the after sales support.


  1. THOROUGH  Design Brief

Does the designer or design firm make you fill a design briefs to ask you key questions about your projects.  This part is very important for you to state your needs and taste when it comes to design. This is also a good way to judge the professionalism of the person or firm you are dealing with for your projects.,  A good design brief is a must for a well conducted design process. It is your chance to get heard about your taste and requirements. Don’t overlook this big details.


  1. Professionalism

Is the presentation of your designer or design firm you’re considering doing business with professional. Attention to details, trustworthiness, strong communication skills and project and time management skills is a must when choosing your designer.


10.Do they ask appropriate questions

A great designers main goal is to understand your need towards the project you contacted him or her for.  The only way to get to know your needs is to ask you relevant questions. Questions should be geared towards business history, target markets, your goal with this design etc. Check out our design briefs here.  These are the questions we ask all our clients when working on a design projects.


In Summary

    1. Experience


  • A great  design process with proven results
  • Awards won / published work
  • Quality Portfolio
  • Competitive Price
  • Design affiliation
  • Great customer services
  • THOROUGH  Design Brief
  • Professionalism
  • Do they ask appropriate questions



Do you have any further points to add?