5 Reasons Why Content Is King Over The Web

maxmars Graphic Design, S Creative Studios


Content marketing is King.  Why is content marketing king you ask?  Because of search engines wanting more content more than ever before.  Content marketing is getting more and more popular as the search engine are increasingly getting better and better at delivering great search results.  


When saying that remember that a one size fits all approach will not suffice when it come to content marketing  Instead a focus on creating high quality and unique content will get you the crown.


1) Content marketing is great for SEO

People are searching all day everyday, and what are they searching for you ask?  Content, they are searching for answers to their questions. So if you can deliver great response to all of these question you are more likely to get great traffic in return. First, unique content published regularly with 300-500 words, internal links to other relevant content and naturally placed keywords helps a website rank organically for relevant search terms and keywords.


2) Encourages engagements

Let’s face it, great article, videos and pictures are more likely to attract and encourage user to engage with your content and brand.  On the other hand a badly crafted content will not attract any users and the site will eventually die. To promote your content and your brand and build a  long lasting relationship with your audience you should make sure that all content is pushed to all your media channels and make sharing easy.


3) Great for generating new leads and sales

Great content is ideal to build a following and at the same time you build brand awareness and brand authority.   In a market that is over saturated you will always come on top with great content. Because great content will enable you to differentiate your brand in an always ever saturated marketplace.


4) Ads value to your product or services

Good quality content will inevitably add value to a brands and a brand’s message.  The value is intangible however is is invaluable to the business model and the relationship between the brand and its consumers. Content that adds value to the consumers by educating them on the brands via how-to blog posts, instructional videos and webinars and podcast is ideal for adding value to your brand.


5) Increase traffic

Great content is awsome to drive traffic to a site and keep the consumers coming back for more.  Great content when delivered in an engaging way will push consumers to always come back for more and to keep on engaging more with the site and also the consumers will want to learn more about the brand.  For example a site with only a home page and a contact page will get much higher bounce rate than a website that delivers daily or weekly new content in the form of article, podcats and inspirational videos.  The key is content, because it entice user to click and engage with the site and come back for more in the future.